Thursday, 31 March 2016

Team building at karapiro

1.On Tuesday we went to our EOTC trip as in our Karapiro trip. You are probably wondering what EOTC means it means education outside the classroom we went to Karapiro because we we're learning to Kayak and build a raft but we mostly went there to have fun.

2. The activity I liked the most was archery because I got 1 bullseye and 3 shots so close to bullseye. I felt proud of myself when I got a bullseye.

3. The most challenging activity for me was kayaking because I had to use lots of strength.

4.The person who helped me was the person who was teaching us how to ride kayaks and I said this is hard but he said "no you can do it just use your strength".

5.I learnt that when you try hard you get good achievements and when you collaborate you get same achievements.

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