Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reflection 2013

Hi I am Kaspar and I am Cajun and We are going to be sharing about What we did in 2013 and what we learnt. My favourite part was the assembly the experiments like dancing raisins. (Kaspar)  
My favourite part was going to camp and jumping into the water hole. (Cajun)
I learnt in math’s about algebra and how to do year 10’s basic math equation.(Cajun)
I Learnt in reading the word disqualified and it means if you were in a competition and you didn’t reach the score you were needed to then that means you are disqualified. (Kaspar)

The most challenging thing I did was trying to do my Xmas decoration because it keeps getting tangled up (Cajun)

the most difficult thing was athletics because the 200m track i didn't have any energy left (Kaspar)