Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Habitat Box

A habitat box is a box that we made into a animals habitat say a Rhino. My habitat box shows a Rhino with where it sleeps and where it eats and also what its scared of.The hardest thing of my habitat box was me making a rhino with to cotton balls and and ear buds. because it is hard to get the ear buds in the right shape for the rhinos horn. The part I really liked about my habitat box was my hand made rhino and leopard and the things I bought from the two dollar shop from the centre place and I also liked my background.

Production 2015

For the production I was in the South African group.We did the gumboot dance and a song called the lion sleeps tonight. For the production my favourite thing was the Filipino pictures behind a sheet.My suggestions for the production was we should all have the same actions but we do it different ways for the south African group.My favourite group out of all of them was the Irish group because I really liked the Irish dancing and the costumes.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

School Production

For the production I'm in the south African group. I performed to do the gumboot dance. But for the in the jungle song I am a rhino. The south African group does the gumboot dance first and then we do a song called in the jungle. If you were wondering a gumboot dance is a native dance that south African people did to protest it is now often performed at welcoming ceremonies. I am most nervous about the show tonight because it is hard for me to do.