Thursday, 17 April 2014

Term 1

This term I have enjoyed...

  • science
  • making sugar crystals
  • Tennis
  • swimming
  • Netball taster
  • jump jam
  • Being a year 4 leader
  • Mr Freaks assembly
  • Writing
  • kidsedchatnz

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Maori phase of the week

                                         Today me and Thomas created our puppet pals on the Maori phase of the week

Crystals experiment

Yesterday Room 7 made sugar Crystals. This is how you make sugar Crystals.

First we got plastic cups next we got ice-block sticks  we write our name with Sharpie
Next Mrs Natusch put hot water in our cups with sugar that is completely dissolved in the hot water.
Then we put little pieces of string tied on our sticks

Last of all we put our sugar crystals on some of the Window Sills.